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first aid 1882053 - aebopleidingen, CC0


In an emergency, the police or fire departments should be notified, so that they can immediately help. You can call the emergency hotline from any phone and at any time on the following numbers:

Police: Call "110"
Ambulance / Fire Department: Call "112"
Please answer the following questions when you make an emergency call:
Who are you? State your name

Where are you? Please specify the address or the place where you are

What (exactly happened / Is anybody hurt?) Please explain what happened and whether other people are involved in the emergency

The police is in charge to maintain internal security in Germany and to protect the public. It is their job to investigate every reported crime. They also protect private property and personal rights. The police is obliged to help anyone who asks for help. If you are a victim or witness of a crime, such as a fight or a theft, but also sexual assaults or property damage, please report it to the police.

With calling the 112 you can reach both firefighters and ambulances. The fire department is responsible if there is a fire but it also helps on other occasions where large machinery or ladders are needed, such as water damage or fallen trees. In addition, the fire department will help in case of disasters like flood, storm damage or major traffic accidents.

In any form of serious health emergencies, please call an ambulance - whether you are personally affected or a witness. You should only call an ambulance if you or others are in imminent danger of death and not able to reach a hospital by yourself. Such serious cases may be for example accidents, severe cardiovascular disorders or difficult births.